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Defend Hawaii

NOT FOR SALE Mesh Snapback Cap

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Color — Blue

#AlohaBack - Hello, goodbye, love, compassion, sympathy; so many sentiments can be used to define “Aloha.” Put simply, Aloha is the essence of Hawaii, a word used to share love, understanding, and connection.

Defend Hawai’i has decided it’s time to reclaim Aloha. We hope the people of Hawai’i and beyond will support us as we revolt against the harmful, docile caricature assigned to our islands, restore our reputation as a beautiful and powerful culture which demands respect and true aloha from our visitors, and call out appropriators along the way. Defend Aloha. Defend Hawai'i.

Done multiple times in the past, this Aloha Airlines parody sometimes needs to be reprint to remind people, ALOHA IS NOT FOR SALE. But our apparel is, so support real local companies and help Hawai'i economy. When you make a purchase, where is your money going? This two-color vintage Blue and Orange on this blue and white trucker style mesh back snapback can definitely get some attention.


Cotton Front Panels. Mesh Back Panels. Cotton Headband. Plastic Snap.

UNFSCBLU0HAT #DH2022 AlohaBack #BuyLocalByLocals